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Japanese Tea LABEL

Japanese Tea is art.
Japanese tea culture to the future and to the world.

Japanese Tea LABEL is BASARA.
Break the mold with diamond-like hardness.
That's BASARA.
Play with Japanese tea

About Japanese Tea LABELについて / About Japanese Tea LABEL

Japanese tea D2C brand
Japanese Tea LABEL

Japanese Tea LABEL(ジャパニーズティー・レーベル)は、 日本茶の文化と伝統を国内外に広めるD2Cブランドです。

Japanese Tea LABEL is a D2C brand promoting the culture and tradition of Japanese tea both at home and abroad.
We are committed to pesticide-free and chemical-free cultivation, treat Japanese tea as a work of art and produce Japanese tea as if it were a music label.

Feature 3つの特徴 / 3 Features

  • 01

    Japanese tea is art.


    It is surely your first taste of Japanese tea experience.
    〈Japanese Tea LABEL〉は、日本茶がまさに、日本や世界のひとに貴重な癒やしや刺激を与えてくれるアートだと考え、その文化や伝統を大きく広めていくレーベルを目指します。

    Art is something that makes people feel relaxed, enriches their hearts and gives them happy moments.
    Japanese Tea LABEL believes that Japanese tea is an art form that provides valuable healing and stimulation to people in Japan and around the world, and aims to be a label that promotes this culture and tradition.
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    From the desire to protect the Japanese tea culture


    Japanese tea" was introduced from China in ancient times and has been enjoyed in Japan along with its unique culture.


    The culture of Japanese tea and the activities that support it have, in fact, been in a difficult situation in recent years. Sales of bottled tea are increasing, but many tea farmers who produce tea leaves to be enjoyed in the traditional way are facing the danger of going out of business due to declining profits and a lack of successors.

    We want to preserve the culture of Japanese tea, which has been with the Japanese people for nearly 1,200 years since the Nara and Heian periods and has been a part of people's lives and even their way of thinking, long into the future. It is with this desire that we have set up our label.
  • 03

    The idea that Japanese tea is art and there are artists who express it


    Japanese tea enriches people's hearts and is linked to the beauty in our daily lives. Our concept is that its existence is already 'art'.

    そうしたアーティストの人たちと一緒になって、日本茶の文化や伝統をもっともっと広めたい。日本中にその恩恵を広げ、世界にも魅力を発信し、日本の茶農家の収益構造の変革さえも起こしていきたい。そんな想いを胸に抱いて、社会を動かしていこうと考えている。それが私たち Japanese Tea LABELです。

    Because it is art, there are also 'artists'. The farmers who grow the tea leaves and the tea masters who select and blend the leaves are also artists. The people who make tea vessels and propose new ways to enjoy tea are also all "Japanese tea artists".

    Together with these artists, we want to spread the culture and tradition of Japanese tea even further. We want to spread the benefits of Japanese tea throughout Japan and its appeal to the rest of the world, and even revolutionize the profit structure of Japanese tea farmers. With these thoughts in our hearts, we want to move society forward. That is us, Japanese Tea LABEL.

Recommend レコメンド / Recommend


五感で楽しむ / Enjoy with all five senses
マインドフルネス瞑想 / Mindfulness Meditation
翡翠色の茶葉 / Jade green tea leaves
微発酵茶 / Slightly fermented tea
樹齢100歳超 / Over 100 years old
実生在来種チャノキ / Seedling Native Tea Trees
地球にたった一つ / Only one on earth

五ヶ瀬白茶手摘み Organic古樹実生在来

Gokase white tea hand-picked Organic seedling native old tea trees

Tea Leaf Creator ミヤザキ アキラ 作品 / Akira Miyazaki works
Calm / Healing / Nature

爽やかな余韻 / Refreshing aftertaste
厳選茶葉作品 / Selected Tea Leaves Works
軽発酵茶 / Light fermented tea
茶品種 たかちほ / Tea variety Takachiho
烏龍茶づくり / Oolong tea making

五ヶ瀬青茶 清茶品質烏龍茶づくり Organicたかちほ

Gokase blue tea Seicha quality Oolong tea making Organic Takachiho

Tea Leaf Creator ミヤザキ アキラ 作品 / Akira Miyazaki works
Relaxation / Break / Refresh

記憶に残る逸品 / A memorable product
厳選茶葉作品 / Selected Tea Leaves Works
発酵茶 / Fermented tea
茶品種 べにふうき / Tea variety Benifuuki
贅沢な紅茶作品 / Luxury Black tea Works

うれしの紅茶 上質選別 べにふうきFirst flash

Ureshino black tea high quality selection Benifuki first flash

Tea Leaf Creator オオタ ユウスケ 作品 / Yusuke Ota works
Peaceful / Happy / Break

Japanese tea Works 作品一覧


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